Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Already not a good day.

What is it that makes PEOPLE - who think they're the higher order beings on this planet - treat other beings in such horrible ways? It's like they're all George Bush clones, assuming they know something and have the moral authority to dictate life and death. It's laughable, when it isn't horrifyingly stupid. Examples from the last 24 hours:

Three teens accused of burning dog alive
Three teens are accused of burning a dog alive in what animal rescuers from central Georgia called one of the worst examples of animal cruelty in they have ever seen.

NFL quarterback Michael Vick implicated in dog fighting
Two different sources in law enforcement say NFL quarterback Michael Vick not only knew about the dog fighting at a house he owned, but that he was an active participant at the fights that allegedly took place behind the house.

Some idiot cut off a German Shepherd's ears
An anonymous phone call led investigators to the balcony of an apartment building where the dog was crying and pawing at his ears.

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