Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No garbage in and no garbage out

The hippie types over at Green Options Blog have a good article today on how to be more eco-friendly with your pet. Among other things, they point out where to get sustainably grown pet food, eco-friendly toys and leashes (hemp, of course), biodegradable pick-up bags and wheat based kitty litter for your smelly cat.

I personally hate the idea of plastic pick-up bags. Just because some people don't want good ol' NATURAL fertilizer on their lawn (or shoe), landfills are full of perfectly biodegradable substances wrapped in non-biodegradable bags. What sense does that make?

Ever the compromiser, I use Bio-Bags, which are made from GMO-free corn starch. They cost about the same as the ridiculously marked up plastic bags you find in pet stores, and they even make cat pan liners. Unfortunately the bags are made in Norway and I can't find anything on the company's international site about buying points to offset the carbon emissions from transportation. If you're concerned about that, you can ask them here.

In East Dallas, I get mine at Green Living. They're also available from Clean Air Gardening, which, according to JetsonGreen, just bought a new building in town.

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